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Heating and Cooling Services In Las Vegas

Voted Best HVAC Company Of Las Vegas, NV

Let’s face it, we live in an area with brutal temperature swings. Whether it is a blistering 115 degrees in the summer, or a cold 30 degrees in the winter, Las Vegas HVAC can quickly get your air conditioning and heating working great! From tune-ups to replacements, you can trust Champion Services to get the job done quickly and affordably! Our HVAC company offers full professional heating and cooling services throughout the Las Vegas, NV area to homeowners and businesses you can trust.

What does a HVAC tune-up consist of?

The checklist for an HVAC tune-up is extensive. Here are a few of the most significant things to check:


  • Verifying and adjusting the blower motor and belts
  • Testing and setting analysis for the thermostat
  • Change the air filter
  • All moving parts should be lubricated.
  • Straighten and inspect fins
  • Tightening the electrical connection
  • Condensate drain cleaning
  • Measuring the charge and levels in a refrigerator
  • Check the controls
  • Coil maintenance
What is done during HVAC maintenance?

A heating maintenance check includes an inspection and testing of your furnace or boiler right before or during the heating season. Your HVAC technician will inspect your furnace filter during this visit, and replace it if necessary. He will look for signs of wear on the exterior and ventilation system of your heater and make any required repairs. The interior parts of your furnace will then be thoroughly cleaned and checked for wear or damage. This includes the blower, motors, pressure switches, and ignition assembly. Your furnace's electrical components and power consumption will be measured to look for any irrational power use. Additionally, the thermostat in your house will be examined, cleaned, and calibrated.

Before or during the cooling season, your home's air conditioner will be thoroughly inspected to make sure it is in excellent working order. Your technician will examine all internal parts, motors, and belts in your air conditioner, as well as its exterior and interior components. The amount of coolant in the air conditioner will be measured, and any lost coolant will be replaced as necessary. Your technician will also check all caps and valves in addition to the circuits, safety controls, drain line, and condensate pump. To avoid sparking or failure, electrical components will be examined for signs of wear or damage and replaced as necessary. For best performance, he will ensure that your outdoor unit is level. To keep dust and debris out of your home, he will if necessary also change the HVAC filter.

Residential and Commercial AC and Heating

As your air conditioning and heating equipment gets older, it tends to run less efficiently and needs more attention. Champion Services and HVAC will give you options for repairing your A/C and heating equipment so that you are comfortable with the cost and warranty! It’s all up to you. If you decide it’s time to finally replace your unit, you will have a choice of brands, as we repair and install all brands.

Our HVAC services include:

If you have an emergency, or just want to upgrade your equipment, we are here to help you and give you options.

Make Las Vegas HVAC Your Home Services Company

Champion Services has proudly won Best of Las Vegas many times for our incredible workmanship and friendly service. Our licensed, certified and background-checked technicians are experts in air conditioning and heating repairs and are available to meet your busy schedule.

Contact us to experience our award-winning service seven days a week at 702-896-0000 !

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